Getting help in time of need

I wanted to express my thanks to the many thoughtful people who stopped to offer assistance during our time of need. They supplied us with water, tissues, and offers to call an ambulance. One kindly gentleman stayed with us, holding the dog and helping to provide shade, until our son, Andy, could...


Trump haters, radical Democrats leading a coup against the president

Not since unrest of the civil rights riots in the 1960s and the Vietnam War riots in the 1970s have we, in my memory, had a more contentious social landscape. The trifecta of distrust – Trump haters, radical Democrats and deep-state desperadoes have formed an unholy alliance to destroy a...


Idaho benefits from Utahns who play the lottery

I drive a delivery van for a local company and I make drops in a lot of Utah and Idaho cities. As I travel Idaho, I notice a lot of Utah drivers at the lottery locations. I, too, am guilty of dropping a few dollars and usually lose. I do win a few dollars here and there, but I figure I drop an...


State officials need to investigate high gas prices in Utah

Gas pumps

What is going on at the gas pumps once again in Utah? I believe it was about four years ago I was upset with Utah being in the top five states with the highest gas prices. Well, here we go again. Utah once again has some of the nation’s highest prices at the pump. Something is fishy. Where...


Crime has spoiled central Ogden's once friendly atmosphere

After nearly 15 years, I decided to start the newspaper again on a trial basis. Immediately, I was reading some of the same types of articles about corruption in local government, law enforcement, political gerrymandering in Weber County and Ogden City, and excessive crime levels that caused me to...


Speed limits on I-15 are pointless if they're not enforced

It has become obvious to me that most drivers on Interstate 15 along the Wasatch Front do not believe in the speed limits as posted, or at least they don't care to obey them. If the speed limit is posted at 70 mph, every driver around me seems to be doing 80 or higher — that is, until they...


Stopping farmland from being developed into new homes comes at a cost

BZ 050218 West Weber Growth 01

In response to the May 3rd article, “Weber Co. leaders consider change to safeguard rural areas from urbanization,” let us not forget the wisdom of the 19th-century journalist Frederic Bastiat: every economic policy has an unseen consequence. While preserving Weber County’s...


Not much difference between the actions of Nixon and Trump

Trump salutes

When Richard Nixon picked up the phone and ordered the FBI to stop the investigation of Watergate, he became guilty of obstructing justice. Recognizing that the noose was tightening around his neck, he resigned rather than face certain impeachment. President Donald Trump fired the director of the...


Vet treated in dirty exam room should give thanks for such a great hospital

Veterans Affairs Unclean Room

I would like to take this opportunity to voice my opinion of the George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salt Lake City. I have been going to that hospital since 1975, and I have never seen anything like the dirty exam room that’s at the center of a recent fuss...


Trump rejects inspirational words on the Statue of Liberty

Trump Easter

Some of the words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor are: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” I find it appalling that a president of the United States, and particularly a president from the state of New York, could so...

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