Do we have it in us?

Wednesday , July 11, 2018 - 12:00 AM10 comments

I would like to have a brief conversation with the majority of voters in Utah, those who are Mormon and vote Republican. Somewhere, in between the Fox News channel and KSL you might have accidentally stopped on CNN or MSNBC. Before you were able to change channels, you heard uncomfortable things. Things that must be “fake news.”

But sometimes, in the middle of the night, you wonder if there might be some truth there, uncomfortable truth. By morning, it is all gone.

One of the subconscious thoughts that surfaces is that many among us made the wrong choice in the last presidential election. And for some, that argument about voting for Evan McMullin seems pretty silly now. We wonder, maybe the Russians did work with the Trump campaign to get him elected. I mean it was all so surprising, he won the electoral college but lost the popular vote. That probably bothers us a little also, but not much, right?

But more than anything, we now can see what Trump is doing, much of it some people like, but we wonder about the cost of doing it. The ruined relationships with our allies, our weird friendship with Putin and other dictators, the climate thing, and of course the kids. That might bother some people a little bit.

Deep down, we are not 100 percent sure that the media is “the enemy”. We might wonder where the country is headed, given the direction things are going, and then things get uncomfortable.

Mormons have a prophesy about the “Elders saving the constitution which will hang by a thread.” How could this happen? What if it comes about because many among us made the wrong choice in the last election, and now all our institutions are “hanging by a thread?” What if the only way to fix it, to “save the constitution,” is to admit we made a mistake and vote this next time, for the only people with a real chance, a plan, and the will to fix it?

Could we do that for the sake of our beloved country, for our children?

Scott Cisney

Pleasant View

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