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Hatch's hypocrisy on the deficit, Republican tax bill is disgusting

Thursday , December 07, 2017 - 6:00 AM10 comments

This is my response to the vote by Sen. Orrin Hatch on the latest tax measure in Congress:

Sen. Hatch, we just spent eight years listening to you criticize the horrible federal deficit and debt and how they were destroying the nation, mortgaging the future, and generally a result of the job-killing, budget-busting whims of the Obama administration.

And now you have voted for, without so much as blushing, a GOP tax bill that will add more than $100 billion a year to that debt on top of all that is already added.

I am disgusted, sir, at the hypocrisy.

Stimulation from tax cuts never, ever, raises enough revenue to replace what the cuts cost. In all your years in the Senate you cannot cite one instance where that happened.

And now, you and the rest of the Senate have slammed together a last-minute proposal of cuts and revisions that will have major consequences for the nation, all without anyone — including any of the senators — seeing what it says or does.

I seem to recall you, Sen. Hatch, criticizing Obama and Democrats for that sort of thing regarding Obamacare. I thought your point was, you were better than they, but I appear to be mistaken.

There is still time. Kill this bill. Bring it up in January. Hold hearings around the nation. Let people speak out. Let actual economists ponder.

Put together something that is reasonable, that is fair, and that won't be a job-killing budget-buster, a term you used often on Obama's policies and which you would be calling this mess if Democrats proposed it.

Charles F. Trentelman


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